The System

Building construction site.
Installation of products in any D.Rain plumbing system should be made with reference to the relevant building codes and after obtaining relevant authority approvals.
To facilitate specification, ordering and stocking, each item in our system has a code number.

The system of numbering is very simple, and is based on a build up of recognizable, but abbreviated information.

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)

Characteristics of the Material

uPVC is approximately half the weight of copper pipes, one-fifth of the weight of steel pipes & one-tenth the weight of cast iron pipes. Transport and handling is therefore both simple and convenient.
Other characteristics of uPVC include chemical resistance, high flow rate, non-inflammable, non-conductivity, weather resistance, low installation cost, effective in low temperature, effective in elevated temperature and ideal for specialized applications.
Building under construction.
Thermal Movement
uPVC has coefficient of linear expansion of 7 x 10 C°. This means that 1 meter of uPVC pipe will expand approximately 0.7mm per 10C° with rise in temperature of the pipe material.
However, due to the short duration of most effluent flows and the slow temperature response of the material, the greatest thermal take place due to variation in environment temperature rather than the effect of hot effluent discharge. Successful accommodation of thermal movement is dependant on the controlled direction and distribution of this movement.

Fixed Supports

Retain all movement and provide a fixed point in the installation.

Sliding Supports

Sliding support or clip to provide a guide without restraint on axial movement.

Location of Supports

Used at intervals dependent on max temperature likely to be reached by the material.

Through Walls and Floors

Lagged with a suitable flexible material, or passed through a sleeve an annular clear space.


Supports for uPVC Pipelines

D.RAIN uPVC supports and clamps manufactured according to highest British and Japanese quality standards.